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Self-massage for radiant and glowing skin

Self-massage for radiant and glowing skin

It is no secret that we all crave radiant and glowing skin. After all, our skin is something that everyone will see and that can make or break our confidence levels. 

The only trouble is, everything in the world is designed to make it hard for our skin to look this way. Stress, late nights, a lack of a good diet, pollution and general ageing; all of these things can have an impact on our skin and leave it not looking its best. So, what can we do about it? How can we help our skin to look its glowing best? 

There are a number of ways that you can help to improve your skin, but one of the easiest and most convenient is self-massage. If you are not sure what self-massage for your face exactly is, don't worry! We are here to help you to work out how best to approach it and teach you what it can do for your skin.


What is a self facial massage?

As the name suggests, a self-facial massage is when you massage your own face and is an act of self-care. It means that you not only are giving yourself a bit of a treat, but you are also making sure that you are taking some time for yourself too. Which is something that we should all be doing more often. 

Self-facial massage is, in essence, the same as a massage that you would get at a spa, although it is not quite to the same standard of course. However, over time you can soon find that you become somewhat of an expert in the things that you need to do to make sure that your skin looks and feels amazing. 


What are the benefits of this type of massage?

Whilst it is quite obvious that it is great to spend some time for yourself, which is the main reason that many people perform self-massage, there are also a number of other benefits to consider too. 

Massage, in any form, is known to improve blood circulation. This helps to carry oxygen around your body and ensures that your skin is glowing and radiant. Which is definitely something that you are going to want to achieve!

Another benefit of facial massage is that it will stimulate the drainage of your lymphatic system. This removes a large number of the toxins that can build up in your skin (along with the rest of your body) and ensure that you are and look as healthy as you can be.


How do you do it?

One of the best things about facial self-massage is that you can easily do it yourself. Sometimes all you need is your hands and you can help to ensure that your skin feels amazing. It doesn’t matter what time you self-massage, sometimes you may find it easier to do it at night when you have more time; just so long as you have recently cleansed your face. 

Not only should your skin be clean, but your hands should be too. 

Your aim is to utilise all the pressure points on your face, as these will help your skin to generate heat in your ace, which in turn helps your circulation. 

You should start from your chin, using the bottom (or the heel) of your palms. You should then move up to the base of the ear line and repeat a number of times. 

Once you have performed this move then you should take both hands and press them in one line underneath your cheekbones and up to the edge of your ears. This should always be in an upward direction and repeated a number of times. 

Then you need to take the middle fingers of both of your hands, pressing in the area between your eyes and your nose. You should apply gentle but firm pressure in this area, following your nose line to the side of your nostrils.

The next step is to make two small claws using the four fingers on each hand. You should place these claws on your forehead and press firmly in an outward direction smoothly. You then need to tap around your eye sockets with your fingertips (although is hugely important that you do this gently and never too hard). You should only do this around 6 times both above and below your eye and never too close to your eye as this is a delicate area.


What extra tools can you use? 

Whilst you can easily perform self facial massage with just your hands, if you really want to ensure to make the most of it, then there are a variety of extra tools that you can invest in.

Face rollers, for example, are a great choice if you want to improve the appearance of your skin and achieve a healthy glow.

You can use a face roller as an alternative to your hands by rolling it across your skin; this will drain the excess fluids from your face and help your skin to look as wrinkle-free and youthful as possible. You can buy rollers in a variety of sizes and materials. 

(They are incredibly simple to use and not only are they effective, but they can also be decorative too!)

Another interesting and effective tool is gua sha.

Gua sha are smooth, half-moon shaped stones that can be used to massage face, neck and decolletage by pressing them onto the skin to get rid of excess fluid and leave you feeling glowing, radiant and youthful.

As you can see, self-massage on your face is definitely something that is worthwhile doing for yourself. Not only does it mean that you are taking some time for yourself, but it is also going to help to ensure that your skin looks its best. 



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