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Nature’s Nourishment: The Power of Flowers in Skincare

Nature’s Nourishment: The Power of Flowers in Skincare

You’ll have spotted floral names and references amongst the names, brands and fragrances numerous skincare products, but for the most part, these refer to scents only; and why not? They smell beautiful, after all! Yet there’s often underestimated powers to flowers, and they can play a powerful part in skincare regimes of all types.

Flowers differ hugely in their aesthetics and natural traits – so there’s truly something for everyone, and you can tailor your skincare routine to include exactly what you need most.

You’ll need to do your research before you purchase to ensure that the product you’re buying includes the most beneficial ingredients for you, but rest assured, making an informed purchase will be worth it: and allow you to further tailor your routine and product intake as your skin heals, matures, and becomes healthier and more nourished.

Blossom your skincare routine; consider adding the following…  



A real ‘old faithful’ when it comes to beauty products, rose has been a feature on the scene since the industry first launched, albeit originally because it was considered such a feminine flower. The rose isn’t just a pretty face though: it’s naturally fantastically hydrating. As rose petals absorb moisture, so too will your skin – and well enough that it can give fast-acting relief to sore, dry patches.



Traditionally grown for their characteristic and exotic fragrance, research into jasmine has unveiled some serious goodness within. Jasmine flowers aren’t just packed full of antioxidants, they’ve also been proven to have antiviral and antiseptic properties too! The aroma of jasmine is unrivalled when it comes to aromatherapy and can help beat stress… so you can breathe easy and ensure your skin isn’t affected negatively by whatever else is going on in your life.



One of the most popular uses for chamomile in skincare is to help treat acne and severe breakouts. Containing the compound a-bisabolol, chamomile is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, offering relief to congested and stressed skin. 



Hibiscus is vastly underestimated by many; perhaps because of its more subtle scent. This flower need not be just ornamental! A natural source of AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids), hibiscus can naturally help boost cell regeneration (ideal for wrinkly or dry areas) and help pores appear smaller with its astringent properties.



Lavender is well known for being a relaxant, but you don’t need to just inhale it. An extremely potent anti-inflammatory, lavender is unrivalled for soothing, healing and reducing redness or swelling in the skin. This combined with gentle antiseptic properties make it ideal for fighting oily or congested skin; even when used in oil form itself!

So, there you have it. Take the time to find products that include real flower extracts and reap the beauty benefits. Nothing nurtures better than nature… and you don’t have to have green fingers to enjoy them! Blossom your skincare into something blooming marvellous.



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