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An Introduction To Natural Skincare

An Introduction To Natural Skincare

When it comes to the skincare and beauty world, there are plenty of phrases and statements that you are going to hear of, but perhaps without fully knowing what these mean. This is definitely true for the term ‘natural skincare’. 

So, what does natural skincare mean? What things do you need to look out for and why is it something that you should be using?

What is natural skincare?

Simply put, natural skincare is defined as the use of naturally derived ingredients to take care of your skin. These ingredients will often come in the form of herbs, roots, flowers, oils or essential oils and are usually combined with natural preservatives and emulsifiers to create an all-natural product. You will not find any synthetic ingredients in natural cosmetics.

This said, it is important to specify that natural skincare doesn't necessarily mean vegan or cruelty-free. Many people instinctively (and wrongly) assume that these attributes can be assigned to every single natural beauty product or brand. Whilst these can go hand in hand, they are different concepts. So if your skincare choices are driven by ethical motivations, next time you buy, make sure you check that the product you have put your eyes on meets all of your standards.

The benefits of natural skincare

The next question we are going to answer is "what are the benefits of choosing natural skincare?".

Natural cosmetics, as we have already mentioned contains all-natural ingredients, and are usually designed and formulated to be highly tolerated by the skin.

Another reason to choose natural skincare is that the manufacturing process is likely to be kinder to the environment. Smaller indie brands, in particular, will most likely be producing their cosmetics in-house and in smaller batches, reducing waste of unsold products and resources. 

Choosing the right products

At this point, you might be wondering how you decide on which products to use. There are plenty of natural beauty brands out there, but it is important that you check over what kind of ingredients they use in their formulations. 

Usually, you will find that oil-based products are (or should be) more expensive than water-based products. Whilst that seems obvious, it is not always the case and you may find yourself paying a premium price for a not-so-premium product. 

Of course, there are other things to consider when purchasing a new skincare product - ingredients, safety, reviews and brand reputation are all important factors to consider.

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